Medical and orthopedic equipment

-LPA medical chairs

-Confort Medic therapeutic bathtubs

-Lève-O-Tech-Frein Pratiko bathing hoists

-Electrical beds (Rotec, Invacare, AHC)

-Mobility (electric scooter, custom-made motorized wheel chairs, rolling walkers, walkers and canes)

-Daily living kitchen aids (adapted utensils, chairs and adjustable tables)

-Bathroom products (electrical bath seats, bath lifts, bath boards, support rails, transfer seats, commode chairs)

-Lifts (patient lifts, stand aid patient lifts, portable ceiling lifts)


Custom-made orthotics

-Custom-made orthotics

-Custom-made insoles

-Knee and lower limb braces


-Braces for upper limbs

-Compression garments

-Custom-made shoes

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Medical Device Recall

Philips Respironics

Continious and non-continious ventilators (certain CPAP devices, BiLevel PAP and ventilators)

Mise à jour sur: Sleep and Respiratory Care | Philips


Please note that Respir-O-Max will manage the registration of your CPAP device on the recall platform

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